Keep Movin On

Two steps forwards one step back as the song went

Decided I was getting a bit fed up on social media so cut it down a little bit and I managed to get a little bit further with my project also rather encouraged by the Splendid work in Adrian Browns dizzy demo

So here I am stuck at home surrounded by Horrible white stuff that’s also known as snow and watching the gritters pass through the window but not literally thank goodness

anyway I have to bare the elements but fortunately not literally grab some shopping and then back on the keyboard

SID + Trinity + SAM = Fun!

Currently working hard on an article and chilling our with some SID Tunes played on SAM with Random play via Trinity!
Using an old program I put together a few years back – although noticing I was missing half the tunes by getting the directory size wrong was embarrassing!

(Forgot the directory was held in 256 bytes – not 512! At least I worked it out!)

I’m definitely going to be supporting Trinity on my big project – but first I need to get this one finished 🙂

Patreon… Not ising.

Was introduced to patron recently by a good friend and have signed up for a couple of interesting produces content providers and not sure what the proper term is

Anyway really pleased to see that the excellent writer David gerrold yes the bloke that created the Tribbles is serialising part of his most infamous science fiction series the War of the Chtorr.

Definitely recommended if you like your science fiction a bit bloody and well interesting

Back to resting and trying to get rid of this bloody cold I have might get a few more bits of graphic work done before I have another nap

Lets get jiggy…

Bit of a new year break – had a bit of illness… but despite all that – ready to go!

Have now got my SAM armed with Trinity (WOW!) and SID Interface.. and am really planning to jump on my work with being able to test on a Live SAM 🙂

More later !