Well flu did really mess me up recently. Only just getting back into my stride again….

However – before my breathing system got replaced with a mixture of superglue and sawdust – work was moving along rather well on level one of the game.

Indeed – it appears that I only really need to add some corrected sprites (slightly mislined in the grabbing process), some conveyor belts moving the right direction (but why can’t I confuse people and have the pointing the wrong way? :)) and a couple of key blocks.

Otherwise it’s looking pretty good.

The good thing is – that the work on level 1 will also rather help with level 2 somewhat – so as soon as my fixes are done in the next few days (hopefully!) then I can finally get 2 underway.

Also managed to get a nice shiny new font installed…. and realised that if I want – I could even go for a multi-colour approach. I’ll have to test that though to see what it looks like…

I have been toying with a few miner (ho ho) changes to the finished names of the game and levels – not set in stone (ho ho) yet – but we’ll see very soon!

Anyway – back to the vics, and early night – and perhaps more code tomorrow again!

Where’s the Vicks ?

My head feels like sawdust

Really been suffering with a nasty dose of a cold for last couple of weeks fortunately it’s finally clearing but it’s still as fuzzy as a box full of Tribbles but not quite as cute

Anyway I have some wonderful graphics to work on for the project thank you graphical genius you so after work today and try and get something is fixed such as the wrong direction conveyor belts and some sprites that have been grabbed a bit wonky

Then onto the next phase of the project as soon as possible

Still enjoying playing around my lovely Trinity interface and intend to be doing more coding and graphic work directly on the real machine where possible because it does help with development sometimes

Oh well coffee then off to work me thinks catch you later