… very annoying when you spend hours on a level – to find you’ve saved zero bytes…. and rather more annoying to realise you’ve saved over the same filename.

Never mind – redone and it looks better than previously.

Time passes…

At least Thorin isn’t singing about gold?

Sorry been out of the way for a bit – moving home stuff, and lack of time and Internet access has been rather a pain – not to mention being unable to get much in the way of game work done.. 🙁

However – made a start again the other day – managed to get a couple of levels sorted that I was working on before – and they seem to be working ok!

Another project has started up in my off-time – which I hope to help with in some way – even if it’s just with play-testing. Not my place to talk about it yet – but the work that’s done so far is very good 🙂

That’s all for now! back later!