Platform games….

On my sabatical from Z80 based systems I was doing a lot of fun* things with CMSs. So using Tumblr really feels like both: a) a refreshing change b) a crippling change

So – I’m thinking… do I try and install a CMS again?

Honest answer – I’m not sure. I’ve used some systems – and even contributed in one way or the other with them. And even though I can appreciate their positive aspects – there’s always the concern about security.

At the end of the day – there’s a lot of naughty and not nice people out there. Ok, I appreciate there are some well meaning hacker types who will advise developers of where they’ve gone wrong… but there’s also not-so-nice types who delight in being unpleasant. And at the end of the day – whatever size project you’re supporting – there’s always that risk that some not-well-meaning type will make life just too hard for a projects team.

Putting all that aside – I’m still considering it. There’s one or two smaller projects I rather like the look of – and there’s the obligitory over sized projects like WordPress… but as I said – security is my concern. And stability.

Knowing which CMS platform to go for is harder than deciding where to place what type of platform tile in a room or series of rooms, that’s for certain!

Oh fun fun fun. Let’s get back to some code and graphics fixes instead while I ponder on all this!

Hugs + Kisses

*Fun is a term that I would use both in an accurate – and a very satirical vein. Projects, unfortunately, involve people. People can be very nice, very helpful, and good fun to go on camping trips with. Or they can be complete *******  who go behind peoples back, steal servers, rip off code with no creditation, go on a hate and smear campaign – and basically be complete and utter…. well not nice people. Come to think of it – that’s probably the same in all communities sadly.

PS: Edited a naughty word!