Postman Pat…..

Well no idea his or her name, they appear when i’m at work – and mostly leave lovely pressies in the way of bills.

No idea who Bill is and why he leaves me his correspondence. Thank goodness for recycling.

But this time it wasn’t anything for Bill … it was actually for me! And it was some nice CD’s!

One I can’t really talk about – but it was very much appreciated!

The other was a great new album, called Wave Forms, from a very talented group by the name of Axxent Opaque.

You may not of heard of them before – but they’re a very talented Electronic group, fronted by 3 very talented gentlemen – including my old work colleague Mr Colin Jordan.

A link to their Facebook site can be found in a moment. I recommend checking out the sampler on their Youtube site, and hitting that nice buy button.

I’m looking forward to a weekend at the computer(s) listening to the album in full.

Good music helps me concentrate 🙂

(Buy link etc can be found in the Facebook comments!)

Round and round….

Well, the routine I was decoding was starting to get my nerves somewhat – so I had to get some more experienced help.

It now makes more sense somewhat – almost decoded it – but it’s rather clever coding. Well to me at least 🙂

Thanks for the assist Balor 🙂 Would have cost me more of a hair-loss without!

Might as well face it, i’m …

I love puzzle games.

In fact I’ve been told many times in the past that they are probably something I’m a bit addicted to….. Whilst working for a not-as-well-known as it should have been computer manufacturer in Wales in the 90′s – a Tetris game was my pleasure and curse.

And now I’m cursed again: but in a good way!!! 🙂

I have got to recommend the excellent SAM Coupe Tetris game by the incredibly talented Balor Price – who lives at

(oh: the link is actually here)

It’s a damn good game. Seriously.

And I’m not just saying that because I tested it. I’d have played it silly without being asked. But I’m grateful.

But I’m hiding the file because I’ve some games to do.

And I’m playing with a lot of Willy at the moment. So I’d better not play it for a bit 🙂