Spotty Dogs! aka Plastered Dalmations!

aka Blast and Damnation..

My librarian at school, when I once did a work experience there, suggested coming up with alternative naughty words when frustrated. Another student at the time came up with the above….
… I think in the case of the librarian … her particular alternative naughty words would be Enid and Blyton….. (never understood the hatred – but then again I was a Famous Five and Secret Seven fan as a youngster…. )

But I digress. As ususal.

Contrary to the look a lack of entries here may actually give, I have been busy on the game. I had a bit of a dry spell up to around Christmas – purely and simply due to work.

Then comes B*** S*** Friday of course 🙁 That mentally takes a lot out of me. Whoever invented the concept should be dangled over an ants nest, coated in very sticky honey, and not wearing many clothes. Or something.

But still – I have been working away – a very large percentage (95+ ish) done in the way of screens, almost all code seems to be done. And some lovely graphics inserted. These graphics are really good – and easily the best part of the game I think. A few more screens needed – perhaps the odd replaced.

However in the meantime I’ve started the fun task of transposing the current source and objects into using the combination of Pyz80 + Visual Studio. I’d tried this previously and to be honest, I didn’t have much luck. But I thought it was time I got this done.

I’m glad I did as it’s helped fix a couple of things I missed – which I have to update – and spot areas I can improve on.

I’ve also been able to help (even if not as much as I’d have liked) with a bit of odd playtesting on some other nice looking new projects. Always encouraging to see things taking shape even if not from yourself 🙂

A good and bad thing recently has been some change of hours at work. Now starting later (giving me early starts of 5am rises – and there for about an hour or 2 caffine charged coding time in the morning) and late finishes arriving in at 9pm (not giving much time to do much… but some at least). Side effect is sometimes only sleeping 3-4 hrs – but hey, i’ve never been able to sleep much anyway 🙂

Enough boring stuff – going to get breaky and get back to work!